French multiple media artist Valérie Hallier came to New York in 1992 with a Fulbright Scholarship and graduated from SVA with an M.F.A. in computer art in 1994.

By emulating technology’s processes and exposing her own obsessive ones, Miss Hallier aspires to render the systems and patterns that describe a contemporary character revealing in turn the intimately technological and the systematically human.

“Using Skype as a medium for generating temporally destructive portraits and self-portraits, Hallier redefines portraiture for the digital age”. – Judith Escalona,  MediaNoche, NYC.

Solo shows comprise Screened Calls & Slow Portraits at Medianoche and Portraits Lents at the ESAM, Caen, FR. Two person shows include Body Chronicles at the CAS Arts Center and Nadania Idriss Gallery, Berlin, DE. Group shows include Glitch Generation at the Brooklyn Council for the Arts, Nimbi Penumbrae at the Dumbo Arts Center, Moon Tornado at the Rose Wagner Blackbox, Salt Lake City, UT and Artists from RUMBO at the Tribes Gallery, NYC.

Hallier’s digital work has been selected at Siggraph (USA), Anima Mundi (BR), ACM Multimedia Arts Program (ENG) and at SCAN Arts Symposium (USA).

While in residence on Governors Island, Miss Hallier will create an installation presenting the exhaustive number of people she has known since she was born. The Mortals will translate in space the complexity of a network that spans 40 years of relationships.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist