“Upsurge! is another entity that brings politically radical words to the stage, albeit woven into an amazing fabric of jazz more akin to modern theatre than anything else. This is the kind of theatre that I would pay Broadway prices for. ….” – John Pietaro, Founder/Director Dissident Arts Festival, 2016


UpSurgeNY! is a New York-based jazz ensemble. As an artist and frontman of UpsurgeNY!, Raymond Nat Turner views art as his way of contributing to her community’s struggle for justice, betterment and transformation. He eagerly wants to inspire folks to write and believes that art is the most potent means of changing the world for the better. His publications and works include Mead anthology: We Speak As Liberators: Young Black Poets and Help, Mama Harriet, Help! at the Harriet Tubman Centennial 2013 in Auburn.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist