Opening a new Sitelines effort toward cross-continental collaboration, System of Units, a performance troupe from Siberia, pairs with the New York interventionist performance group TRYST in *Security Zone*. The two groups first met in Novosibirsk, Siberia, where they performed a site-specific piece last summer. Supported by CEC Artslink, their collaboration melds the playful spontaneous interactivity of TRYST (Paul Benney, Clarinda Mac Low and Alejandra Martorell) with the intensity and rigorous designs of System of Units (Ilya Belenkov and Katerina Basalaeva). The teams join up during a weeklong on-site development process (which is open to the public), followed by a week of full-day performances where the two groups will play off each other and tap into the physical environment, downtown passersby, and the collaborators’ backgrounds for inspiration. Sly alterations of everyday life, outlandish costumes, and surprises will abound.


Co-sponsored by CEC ArtsLink