TORKOMADA, Inc. is a New York-based organization that views the indigenous and folk dances of the Middle East and North Africa as important, but neglected diplomatic tools in cultural diplomacy, especially in U.S.-Middle East relations. TORKOMADA’s mission is to educate the populace about Middle Eastern and North African dance, specifically Raqs Sharqi Egyptian folk dance, through dance festivals, classes, workshops, seminars, arts-in-education school programs, academic conferences, lecture- demonstrations, and the media.

TORKOMADA conducts academic research on dance and creates dance curricula for after-school programs in NYC. TORKOMADA’s awards include the CUNY Dance Initiative (2015) and Raqs Without Borders’ gala award for pioneers in Middle Eastern dance. With the CUNY Dance Initiative, the company creates lecture-demonstration series about the traditional dances of Egypt. The founder of Torkomada, Torkom Movsesiyan, has represented the organization in Blood on the Veil off-Broadway, the Daily News, Lincoln Center, The United Nations, HBO, Time Out NY, Pregnant with Heels, Law and Order, Everyday with Rachael Ray, the Discovery Channel, Guiding Light, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Albert Scantleberry