Tomie Arai is a New York-based artist concerned with the stories of displaced and dislocated communities across the globe. This forms the basis for her collaborations with historians, activists and cultural organizations. Public art, prints, and installations are ways for Arai to use the cultural specificity of her experience as an Asian American as a personal space to locate broader issues of race, gender and cultural equity – a space in which she believes a glimpse of common ground can be made possible. ManSee Kong is a filmmaker who shares the struggles and inspiring stories of marginalized communities. Recurring themes of migration, loss, and displacement related to gentrification, immigration, and social and economic inequities are explored in her work. Betty Yu’s is a documentarian and multi-media artist whose work is shaped and influenced by her direct experience as a daughter raised by garment worker parents. She approaches social issues through her own personal story, family narrative, and community’s history. Her body of work has explored issues ranging from the labor rights, housing equity, immigrant justice, gender equity and militarism.


Here to Stay, ManSee Wong (2013)