Tom Henry is an artist with a focus on print and self-publishing. He holds a degree in graphic design and a Masters in Fine Arts from Elam, New Zealand. He is co-founder of artist-run Personal Best gallery in Auckland. Obscure history and myth form the backbone of much of his work, and more often than not a character, in the literary sense, becomes the focus. His research usually begins in archives or national libraries, using real events, societies, movements, and relics as a starting point, and from there a process of adding layers of fiction begins.

Inspired by the free-thinking and imagination of religious visionaries, outsiders, and eccentric sci-fi authors, Henry creates a pervading sense of mystery, things hidden and revealed, blurring our perceptions of reality and fantasy.

During his time on Governors Island, Henry intends to incorporate local narrative and characters into his work, making use of the rich surroundings.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist