“He enriches life’s tedium with punchy exuberance, as when he finds something worthwhile in Wednesdays—”It is a day that unfolds gracefully,/ a day we are usually glad to see”—or as he’s inventing “a new math based on thrust and zest.” Yet while there is a lot of play and invention in these poems, they remain grounded and never veer off into flights of fancy…” – Publisher’s Weekly

Todd Colby is a Brooklyn-based artist focused on using words, images and sound to create poems and collages. His readings include Maison de la Poesie, Paris (2014), Poetic Research Bureau, Los Angeles (2014); The Public Theater, Tenth annual PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature (2014); Oxfam/IBID Gallery, London (2014); Performa Biennial 13, New York City (2014); and The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, New York City (2014). He has been awarded The Fund for Poetry Award on two occasions. Colby received his B.A. in English Literature from the University of Iowa.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Brian Ferry