“…Wells and his “house of worship” [are] the perfect balm for my artsy-fartsy, outsider, tortured-clergy-kid soul.” – Upstater Magazine, 2016, Sari Botton

The Secret City (2007) is the Obie Award winning ArtChurch. With the motto, “We Worship Art,” their mission is to use the arts, performance, and ritual to connect, entertain and inspire. Events illuminate social issues, contemporary politics, and human experience, bringing people together in greater acceptance of themselves and one another. Their work builds community and expands human consciousness. The Secret City produces nine events each year: four in NYC, four in LA, and one in Woodstock, NY. Events are free to the public with a $20 suggested donation. The Secret City also provides free childcare and a social hour following each event.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Secret City