Founded in 2010 and established as a nonprofit organization in 2014, The Salvatones is a New York-based professional vocal ensemble whose mission is to inspire and improve lives through high-quality music and creative community engagement. The ensemble is guided by the core values of excellence, creativity, inclusiveness, and collaboration. Their programmatic activities include an three-performance concert series: Many Sounds of Christmas, Many Sounds of Spring, and 9/11 Reflections. Performances are prepared and conducted by the Salvatones’ Artistic Director Daniel Brondel, Brondel is also the Associate Director of Music at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and of The Salvatones Young Voices, the core educational initiative of The Salvatones. The Salvatones Young Voices involves singers between the ages of 11-17 to receive musical instruction and to participate in rehearsals and master classes. Their work culminates in collaborative experiences, where the Young Voices perform themselves on the same program as professional singers and instrumentalists.