The Operating Theater entertains audiences with unusual, innovative, provocative performance, creating art that can only be fully experienced in a live forum. We experiment with perception and explore the subjectivity of human experience. We work from original and devised material to build theatrical and media-based performances that often involve audience participation. The aim is to honestly, directly alter participants’ perception of the world, so that the change continues beyond the end of a performance.

Since its inception in 2004, the Operating Theater has produced pieces including: Mountain View Estates at Dumbo Stables; ‘Flat!‘ at The Moral Values Festival & ‘Best of Fest’ encore run at The Brick Theater; The Present Perfect, NYIT Award Winner for Excellence: Lighting Design & Nominee for Excellence: Set Design, 2007; Van Driver at Cherry Lane Theater’s Cherry Pit Late Night, 2006/2008; The Garden of Forked Tongues listed in “The Year According to Papermag: The Best of the Best of 2009” and made possible by LMCC’s Swing Space program; and Transatlantica which called, “simply, the best show I’ve seen this year,” 2010 at New York Theatre Workshop’s Fourth Street Theatre.

During their Swing Space residency, The Operating Theater is developing live performance to inhabit live, moving dioramas as well as audio/visual tours for visitors to our exhibition about the death and rebirth of an infamous British Industrial Revolutionary.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist