The National Theater of the United States of America (NTUSA) is a Brooklyn-based arts group that works collaboratively to create space-specific theatrical universes that their audiences then complete. Together, they confront the culture and history that we all breathe, promoting multiple perceptions, questions and often-conflicting conclusions. NTUSA’s past performances include The Golden Veil, The Kitchen (2012); Chautauqua! (touring show, 20082012); and NTUSA’s Moliere’s Don Juan, The Chocolate Factory Theater (2008).

NTUSA’s awards and residencies include Chashama Artist in Residence, New York, NY (20002002, 20052007, 20112012); and Artist in Residence, Two Trees Realty, Brooklyn, NY (20032005). Normandy Sherwood received his B.A. from New York University and M.F.A. from Brooklyn College. Jesse Hawley has a B.F.A. from Skidmore College, while James Stanley received his B.A. from Boston University and is a Doctoral Candidate in New York University.

Image credit: Courtesy of the Artist