“The nonprofit (TKU)…provides technology workshops over the summer, weekends and holidays, where students can learn animation, video editing, software development, web design and podcasting.” – BizTech Magazine, September 23, 2016

Tech Kids Unlimited (TKU) is a New York-based non-profit organization that teaches arts and technology skills to kids who learn differently. Tech Kids Unlimited’s mission is to open up the field of technology to students with disabilities, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorders and youth with social and emotional challenges, and help them become the digital creators of tomorrow. Through their programs, TKU gives young people with special needs an important introduction to today’s newest technology through project-based arts learning. TKU workshops inspire young people to gain marketable skills that can lead to employment. In the summer of 2015, TKU held 7 weeks of workshops and saw 125 students who worked on editing movie footage, making I-Stop motion videos, creating 3D printed objects and more.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tech Kids Unlimited