A Collaborative Event from Matthew Mottel and Kevin Shea with Karole Armitage.

The purpose of collaboration is not simple chemistry. Its motives are to study and develop an interchange that both expands and confronts the unique expression of a dynamic artist. Karole Armitage and Talibam! are accelerated practitioners of performance. They each excel at taking risks, mediating multiple styles/content and context with humanistic value and exceptional technique. A collaboration between the two units, Armitage and her dance company and the musicians of Talibam! allow for an attempt to make contemporary culture with both commentary on past history/errors and an attempt to suggest a future that takes into account ignored and undervalued concepts.

Talibam! was founded in 2003 by Kevin Shea (drums, voice) and Matthew Mottel (keyboard, voice). Seven plus years of extensive international touring, and constant recording has garnered them an indefatigable reputation and commitment to their practice.

Karole Armitage, Artistic Director of Armitage Gone! Dance, is known for pushing boundaries. Dubbed the “punk ballerina” in the 1980s and recently Tony-nominated for her choreography of the Broadway musical Hair, Armitage distinguishes her company from its contemporaries through her extreme versatility and originality. Building on classical and modern idioms from the Balanchine to the Cunningham tradition, Armitage infuses experimental thinking into the geometric balance, speed, rhythm and beauty of dance steps. She derives inspiration from sources such as physics, Japanese aesthetics, fashion, pop culture and new media, and from her dancers, currently 11 in total, of diverse cultural and dance backgrounds.

During the collaboration’s residency, a wide variety of aesthetic choices and boundless influences that both Armitage’s dance and Talibam!’s music draw from will be an opportunity to create art for the current world that needs more unmediated and honest expression.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist