Sue Jaye Johnson is a New York-based artist whose work straddles the fields of journalism, art, technology, and education, to create spaces for disparate communities to share stories. Johnson’s practice explores the role of women in contemporary culture. Her works include a photo essay for the New York Times Magazine; a radio series for NPR and WNYC; and a feature documentary film, T-Rex, airing on PBS; all of which are part of a project documenting the first female Olympic boxers. Other work includes, a living archive of stories and sounds from the World Trade Center; Re:Vietnam, a space for stories about the impact of the Vietnam War; and aka Kurdistan, a virtual home for the Kurdish diaspora. In 2005, Johnson co-founded Iliso Labantu Photography Collective to train township-based photographers in South Africa. She began training girls in NYC and South Africa to produce radio documentaries included in local, national and international media. While in South Africa, Johnson co-produced Mandela: An Audio History, a five-part series for NPR and the BBC. Mandela: An Audio History won Audio Book of the Year (2015). Johnson’s work is supported by Creative Capital, Sundance, ITVS, CPB, the NEA, and OSF.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Sue Jaye Johnson



Teen Contender (2012)
Audio Credit: Radio Diaries for NPR, BBC, WNYC