“Chou’s work challenges expectations and defies categorization… The emotions in her soundscapes are real threads of the human drama…Simply exquisite, the instrumentalists and Chou’s vocals [are] placed perfectly in the arrangements to create an unmistakable mood.” – The Gazette, August 18, 2015, Thomas Staudter


Stephanie Chou is a saxophonist, singer, and composer. Chou creates global music that is artistically challenging, bold and fearless.

Blending Chinese culture with influences from classical, jazz, pop, and world music, Chou is building a catalog of music that amalgamates a variety of influences into one identifiable artistic voice. Her albums include Asymptote in which she took childhood influences and reworked them in new settings, incorporating jazz harmony and arranging.

Chou has a background in classical piano and saxophone. She discovered jazz while studying mathematics at Columbia University and soon after, began studying voice.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Emrak Islek