“…a superb NYC-based viol consort that might well have been featured in Carnegie’s lineup.” –The Rest is Noise, April 9, 2015, Alex Ross

Sonnambula Viol Consort is a New York-based Renaissance ensemble performing unknown music for various combinations of early instruments with the lush sound of the viol at the core. The name Sonnambula is a reference to the Fantasia, a contrapuntal free-composed form favored by Renaissance composers, and a pun on the Humanist notion that art gives life to metaphor. They have played historic instruments at The Metropolitan Museum of Art; as a featured ensemble at the Amherst and Boston Early Music Festivals; and concerts at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center; Columbia University; and The Museum of Biblical Art in New York.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sonnambula Viol Consort


Folias, Andrea Falconieri
Video Credit: Courtesy of The Hispanic Society of America