“Of STAGE STRUCK, Judith Binus says, “I wanted the conversation to continue”.. This author sees it as a live version of both theatre history and women’s history…Rather than “virtual reality,” it is reality, as the audience becomes engaged with the performers they are meeting.”

– Broadway World, 12/22/15, Marakay Rogers


The Society for the Preservation of Theatrical History is a New York-based theatre company formed by Mari Lyn Henry out of her many years of research and advocacy on behalf of forgotten artists who had a major impact on the development of the modern Theatre.

It brings together historical scholarship on the people, circumstances and societal forces that shaped the modern era, along with a performance element that allows the voices of these innovative and important figures to be heard again by today’s audiences. The Society’s productions include Stage Struck, Snapple Theater Center, NY (2013).


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist