“genuinely subversive” – Time Out New York, 2014, Helen Shaw

Sister Sylvester is a New York-based performance group formed in 2008. They create performance events based in contemporary reality. The group invite disruption into both the performance and the process, and look for dissonance and difficulty in text, image and sound. Sister Sylvester is interested in exploring and subverting traditional forms such as musical, sitcom, radioplay etc. as well as creating a dialogue with performance practitioners of the past, in particular the juxtaposition techniques and political engagement of Reza Abdoh. Their productions include Werner Herzog On WrestleMania at The Far Space; Dead Behind These Eyes: A Karaoke Play at Sing Sing Karaoke; and The Maids’ The Maids at Abrons Art Center.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Sister Sylvester