Sheldon Raymore is the founder of the collaboration between Rainbow Crow and Coopdanza’s Eagle/Condor/ Swap/Program.

Coopdanza Inc. is an interdisciplinary art, media and educational organization that supports the development of powerful and innovative work focusing primarily on multimedia digital technology and the power of dance. Between 2007 and 2014 they have been co-producing art with Indigenous communities in US and South America in a “journey of recovery”, a celebration of learning and interdisciplinary sharing of the power of dance, media technology and educational projects. They combine contemporary atmospheres and rhythms, traditional ethnic sounds, Indigenous languages on audio tracks and moving images, with the aim of the development of a contemporary Indigenous language.

One of their initiatives – “Eagle/Condor/Swap/Program” is an Inter-Tribal Indigenous collective aiming to experiment and search languages and tools to preserve the traditions and culture and better reach new generations. The program, lasting for six months, has two important components: educational and artistic, they invite mentors and advisers from different Indian backgrounds and they participate weekly on introductory contemporary dance training and an ongoing powwow community class. 

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist