“The concept behind this play – a modern take on the classic Bible tale – is brilliant and relevant…“Kane and Habil at the Pizza Parlor” forces its audience to look familial animosity and racial tension in the face, and view their own complicity in them.” – New York Theater Wire, Jan. 26, 2013, Kelly Aliano 

Serge Ernandez is a writer of works for the stage, screen, and television and a believer in the inherent healing power of the theater. Ernandez grew up in Algeria during the War of Independence and through the accompanying crescendo of violence that left more than one million people dead, tortured, or injured. Since that time Ernandez has devoted his art and creativity to furthering the cause of peace. Ernandez’s works include Kane and Habil at the Pizza Parlor, La MaMa, New York, NY (2013). He has also worked with The Living Theater, New York, NY. He holds a B.A. from the Institut des Sciences Politiques, Toulouse, France and an M.A. in French Literature from the University de Toulouse, Toulouse, France.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Karnet Sue