Choreographer Noémie Lafrance is known for her engaging site-specific work that transforms urban architecture into charged performance spaces. Blending visual and performing arts, she creates an intimate performance experience that integrates the environment and the audience in an unpredictable voyage. Her visually stimulating choreographic language uses the public space to construct narratives that explore the movement of people in their real surroundings.

Sens Production is an award winning production company founded in 2001 that specializes in staging the live performance work of Noémie Lafrance in unusual sites and public spaces outside of the theater. The company has produced and co-produced original works that have attracted audiences in the thousands and held long performance runs (2 to 6 weeks). The work of Noémie Lafrance has received significant attention from the press and media and has been featured worldwide in The New York Times/Magazine, TIME Magazine, Reader’s Digest Selection, Vogue, Air Canada’s En Route Magazine, the Guggenheim Book, 2wice Magazine, NPR, A&E, CBC and many others. Sen’s performance Agora reopened the abandoned McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn as a venue in 2005 and attracted an audience of 15,000. Sen’s work invites audiences to participate in a creative experience of their own, immersing themselves in the architecture of their city, and offering them new vantage points from which to view the world.

During its residency with Swing Space, Sens will be developing a full version of Melt to be performed in the Lower Manhattan in August 2010. Melt is a site-specific work performed by a group of dancers perched on small seats affixed to a concrete wall and wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin costumes that slowly melt away during the performance.

Melting until their souls escape their ephemeral bodies disintegrating into light.