Bobby Previte’s first stage appearance came in 1956 at the Niagara Falls Community Talent Show where, dressed in an over-sized suit and slinging a guitar, he belted out a solo rendition of Elvis’ hit, “Hound Dog.” After discovering his love for music, Previte saved up for a 1965 Rogers “Holiday” model drum kit in blue sparkle, which he still uses today. Since then he has played an astonishing range of venues, from the Palace Burlesque House in Buffalo, to Gloria’s Corral Club in Kentucky, to New York City’s Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and in South America, Europe, Russia, Japan, and Australia.

In 1968, while walking in the West Village, Previte spotted Jimi Hendrix in a limo. He quickly unfurled the Jimi poster he happened to have with him, and watched in amazement as Hendrix smiled and flashed Previte the peace sign.

All the rest, as they say, is noise.

2014 MCAF Recipient:
Terminals is a series of five concertos of separate pieces for five improvising soloists and a classical percussion quartet.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist