In Colombia the most popular musical rhythm is called vallenato, an ecstatic dance music founded on the Caribbean Coast. Its principal characteristic is that it is lead by the accordion which is critical in the development of the songs while being accompanied on percussion, congas, timbale, bass, guacharaca (a hand-held scraped percussion instrument), and vocals.

Rey Vallenato Beto Jamaica is one of the most important vallenato and cumbia artists, and he was awarded the Vallenato King of Colombia prize at the Vallenato Festival in 2006 a highly coveted title.

Beto Jamaica mixes several styles including cumbia, paseo, porro, and vallenato. These dynamic rhythms have deep cultural meanings that represent life, thought and humanity of Colombian people.

Rey Vallenato Beto Jamaica has played in more than 50 musical productions, he has toured Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean and Asia.