Residency Unlimited is a not-for-profit arts organization that fosters dynamic artist residency initiatives through the principle of collaboration. By partnering with other organizations and individuals alike in New York and beyond, this collaborative strategy is mutually beneficial and maximizes the success of the residency experience. Through this pooling of resources, artists benefit from combined logistical and network opportunities. While Residency Unlimited places the creative process at the core of its mission, it offers a de-centralized model that re-evaluates the notion and purpose of artist residencies today.

In Swing Space Residency Unlimited will be developing various artist residency projects. Starting in spring, Residency Unlimited will be working with six artists in residency throughout the city: Anne Percoco, Anna Prvacki, Edward Schexnayder, Kate Shaw, Santo Toloni, and Rebecca Anne Tess.

Image credit: Courtesy of the artist