Martin Keil
Henrik Mayer
Brian Block

REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (RG), whose German implications range from “Cleaning Service” to “Purification Society,” is an artistic venture and works at the point of intersection between art and society. The artists work with partners from different backgrounds, providing platforms for interdisciplinary activities. The way of working is based on the positive potential of connecting different spheres of society. RG initiates projects that generate new relations and interest groups of people. RG understands contemporary art as a catalyst of social and political processes.

Their Swing Space residency will be primarily used for researching permission and sponsorship to produce the Street (Re)Naming Project in New York City. RG previously presented the Street Naming Project in Leipzig, Zagreb, and Lucerne. Using the documentation from the previous iterations of the project, along with newly formulated proposals for specific neighborhoods in New York City, RG will attempt to obtain permission and financial support from organizations involved in public sculpture to do this project some time in the future.

Image credit: Courtesy of the artist