Raúl Díaz Reyes, from Madrid, Spain, mainly works with drawing and painting and likes to explore outsider modes of human behavior and what is considered  to be weird or plain abnormal. His solo exhibitions include Archimede’s Principle, 3+1 Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal (2012); Intimate Freaks, Emma Thomas Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil (2011); and Pixaçao São Paulo, Jose Robles Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2011).  Group exhibitions include High Society, Pelaires Gallery, Mallorca, Spain (2013); No hay Banda, Matadero Contemporary Art Center, Madrid, Spain (2013); and Suporte/Leilão de Parede, Pivô, Copan Building, São Paulo, Brazil (2012).  Díaz Reyes was awarded the FAAP Art Residency in São Paulo, Brazil (2011), he participated in the “Aids to the Promotion of the Contemporany Art” Ministry of Culture of Spain (2011), and was awarded the Grant for Contemporary Creation Matadero Madrid (2011). Publications include Sasquatch (2012), Circuitos (2012), and The Mystic Fable (2011).  During his residency on Governors Island, Díaz Reyes will research and produce visual art while continuing his line of work in which he obsesses about the supernatural and the seemingly easy human capacity to accept self-deception.


Image credit: courtesy of the artist