“It has become Ferman’s mission, in the concert hall and in recordings, to acquaint the public with the unfairly neglected music of the Americas…Expose them she does, with a touching humility, fluidity of technique and richness of sound.” – The Japan Times

Uruguayan-American Pianist, Polly Ferman, is creator and director of GlamourTango, a multimedia music and dance performance that celebrates women in tango. She has also developed Shall We Tango?, New York City’s first international tango festival. Her interest in working with seniors is informed by her experience and understanding of music and dance as forms of expression and therapy, particularly for those struggling with medical and health conditions. Ferman has been a featured soloist with numerous internationally known symphonies and her recordings constitute one of the world’s most extensive collections of Latin American repertoire. She is the founder and CEO of PAMAR (Pan American Musical Art Research, Inc.), a non-profit organization promoting better understanding among the various countries and cultures of the Americas.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Peter Schaaf