People Get Ready came together in New York in 2009 while frontman Steven Reker was looking for new ways to combine his devotion to avant-garde movement and pop art after working with Miranda July and touring as a dancer and guitarist on David Byrne’s year-long Everything that Happens tour. The band took shape around a run of shows at The Kitchen, described in the New York Times as “an experience beyond hearing music in a club or viewing a dance…a moving meditation that suggests dreams.” From the beginning, PGR has performed everywhere from DIY clubs to performance spaces, adding auxiliary performers and homemade instruments (e.g. a “circumstantial guitar,” which is strapped to its wearer’s back and dragged on the ground by its headstock) or simply attacking their songs as a four-piece. No matter the setting, their live appearances are never less than a sweaty, kinetic party.

Image credit: Courtesy of the Artist