The Peace of Heart Choir, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a collective of community members with the mission of promoting healing, diversity, community bonding and mutual understanding through the power of music.  The Choir was founded in 2001 by local composer Jeff Becker, who recruited 28 singers to present his original, 9/11 commemorative song at a NYC Recovers’ community event. The Choir’s mission remains the same:  using music to heal, build bridges and community and speak to diverse communities in times of need.  Their goals include improving the quality of our performances, involving the audience by encouraging participation, and increasing requests to return as well as expanding the number of new venues and audience sizes.  Their membership (now over 50 singers) includes diverse backgrounds, races, countries, sexual orientations, age groups, religions or lack thereof, and has always included members with disabilities.  The Choir also seeks to reflect the City’s diverse culture by singing music of different countries, communities and in multiple languages. The Choir annually performs a minimum of 20 outreach performances – their Community Concert Series – onsite at social service organizations and/or public venues throughout New York City. They perform free-of-charge for underserved groups yearning to hear music, including the sick; the elderly; the disabled; and the homeless.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Peace of Heart Choir