Singh & Dance is a mobile and makeshift group of movers assembled by Paul Singh in 2007. The company has been swinging its fists (and legs) in NYC since its inception and will continue to do so. Originally formed as a stomping ground for jumpers, twisters and flailers alike, the group has shifted from the basics of movement-based language making to cultivate a deeper sense of communication through investigations into authenticity.

During this inquiry into authenticity, Singh & Dance has found it has a lot to say – they just don’t know quite how to say it yet. It all has something to do with running around in large spaces, yelling a lot, getting dragged around, giving up control, holding on to control, telling the truth, lying to get a laugh, standing very still and starting over again and again. The dancers take whatever measures they can to catch themselves, and the viewers, off-guard. (At first they appear extremely likable, charming and honest – and then they strike). Being caught in that moment of unawareness is when all the real movement starts taking place.

At 14 Wall Street the company is going to use the space to create a method of movement that demands as much from the audience attentively as it does from the dancers physically. Out of these exercises, an evening length experiment will be developed.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist