Paul Ferrara is a New York-based visual mixed media artist whose practice focuses on inspiring others to explore their creative minds through the arts. As an art educator, he aims to create enriching learning experiences that facilitate creative problem-solving and skill development, while cultivating social consciousness. Through his teaching, he has come to appreciate older adults as vast resources of knowledge, experience and insight from which we have much to learn. He wishes to combat ageism though art education by establishing new possibilities for what growing old can mean in a creative context. As an artist, Ferrara explores the theme of relationships–be they familial, platonic or romantic. He is challenged and intrigued by the re-use of unconventional materials as a means of preserving the environment and minimizing further damage due to over-manufacturing and mass consumerism.

His group exhibitions include the exhibition at the Hudson Guild Gallery, New York, NY (2017). His grants and residencies include SU-CASA, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY (2016); SPARC (Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY (2015, 2013); Art for A Lifetime, New York Public Library (2014); and Lifetime Arts (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. Ferrara received a B.A. in Theatre from Kent State University and an M.A. from Pratt Institute.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the artist