Parcon NYC is a New York-based collective dedicated to challenging the connection between the environment and social relationships, through play, movement, touch, and reflection. Parcon is a newly-emerging movement form started in Harlem in 2015 by individuals from the Contact Improvisation and Parkour scenes of New York. However, Parcon is more than a combination of the two forms from which it draws. It is a paradigm shift for movement arts, engaging the participants’ kinesthetic attention to multiple dynamic relationships at once.

Practicing and performing in public spaces, Parcon NYC is committed to engaging people across race, gender, age, and ability. This collective pro-actively connects to underrepresented communities and seeks their leadership in developing projects that will be relevant to the general public. They collaborate with the House of Duende – a dance studio and creative space in East Harlem and bring together disparate communities through movement exploration and social reflection.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist