Dr. Pamela Proscia is a New York-based artist with an eclectic career in solo and choral singing, instrumental and vocal chamber composition, poetry, and dance. Her credits include singing works of secular and sacred music at Madison Square Garden’s Paramount Theatre and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. She also worked in television and film with Academy Award-Winning directors and Grammy Award-Winning musicians and producers. While at CUNY she designed and carried out a longitudinal study, Blazing New Paths from Ancient Footprints, which examines the learning and teaching of folkloric music and dance in the Mexican community of New York. Dr. Proscia uses the integration of music, drama, movement, poetry and visual arts as a children’s teaching tool in a multidisciplinary approach to learning. She pioneered children’s workshops for the Central Park Conservancy, Prospect Park Alliance, and Wave Hill that explore the bridge between music and the sounds of nature. Currently an adjunct assistant professor at CUNY, she teaches childhood educators on multiculturalism and the use of music and the arts in the classroom. Dr. Proscia completed her doctoral studies at CUNY in Urban Education.