Oyu Oro Afro Cuban Experimental Dance Ensemble is committed to preserving Afro-Cuban folklore as well as to encouraging the cross-cultural understanding of dance and music forms derived from African culture. While traditional forms of dance pay tribute to African lineages derived from the Yoruba, Congo, Carabali, Arara and Dahomean cultures of West Africa and Haiti, the popular dance forms also celebrate the national popular Cuban heritage. For the past 33 years, Founder and Artistic Director, Danys “LA Mora” Perez-Prades, has been dedicated to the preservation of Afro-Latin-Caribbean culture through her work in Afro-Cuban folklore internationally. Perez-Prades’ artistic vision proposes revolution in the folklore by reforming the way traditional and indigenous cultures are presented on the contemporary stage.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Oyu Oro Afro Cuban Experimental Dance Ensemble