Orit Ben-Shitrit is a New York based multi-disciplinary artist working in photography, video, and dance choreography. Her work explores social constructs and their mechanisms of control through an investigation of history, power dynamics and behavioral disorders. Her award-winning videos incorporate movement in dark, disturbing narrative scenarios. Ben-Shitrit conveys abstract concepts such as co-dependency, inner demons, and self-referential loops in beautiful, texture-rich imagery. Her work has been recently shown at the Royal College of Art, London; Artist’s Space, New York; La Nau Universitat de Valencia, Spain; and the Haifa Museum of Art. She is a recent graduate of the M.F.A. program at Hunter College, New York.

HALF-TAMED BEAST is Ben-Shitrit’s most recent site-specific dance performance, commissioned by Artis with support from ZOOM contemporary art fair. It is an east/west fusion of visuals, movement and sound including a ballerina with pointe shoes and modern and contemporary dance to the sounds of Turkish Kanun, Darbuka, and Oud. HALF-TAMED BEAST tells the story of four people who are lost in the desert, traveling across sand dunes searching for water. Parched, they struggle with one another for the last few drops of water; each of them trapped in a body shriveled from the heat of the scorching sun. Three of them cast off the BEAST, an impulsive character with very long arms. The BEAST does not share their social code and basic rules of self-control, which leads to her ultimate demise.

Ben-Shitrit’s new project at Swing Space is a video with a live dance component titled SHADOWS WITH HEAT (working title).

Image credit: courtesy of the artist