Nicki Manchisi has been writing, producing and directing documentaries, short narratives and experimental animations since 2003. She currently lives in NYC.

In 2003, she co-directed and produced El gas no se vende, a documentary about the controversy and corruption that surrounded the Bolivian government’s decision to exploit one of the nation’s most important resources, natural gas. Her second documentary, Flea Diaries, examined the people and products that personify a NYC flea market. In 2005, Manchisi completed her bachelor’s degree in journalism and spanish at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. She worked as an english teacher in Chile and as a producer for Nickelodeon Online in NYC before moving west in 2008 to receive her M.F.A. in cinema studies at San Francisco State University.

In San Francisco, Manchisi took an interest in narratives and experimental animations that combine memory and imagination to construct new interpretations of reality. This summer she will be shooting her latest film, Woo Woo in Astoria, Queens.

During her Swing Space residency in the Fall 2011, Manchisi will be creating an experimental animation focusing on extinct languages. The project will use a variety of mediums and found objects.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist