Nancy Nowacek is a socially-based artist, working in New York City. Rooted in participation, collaboration, and interaction, her practice is focused on the ecology of the everyday: the processes, codes, and habits of life. Through participatory works, she investigates the relationship between the body in space and culture, the relationship between work and the body, as well as the work of the body. Movement is the thing that stands in the center of all the systems that engender, effect and affect these relationships. The uses of the body, movement languages, and the body as site of imagination are specific domains of inquiry. To alter one’s relationship to habitual response to space, place, and task, her work slows space down, shifts and tilts terrain, embeds obstacles, layers narratives, creates spatial ambiguity, repositions comfort, and celebrates cooperation. Constructing new imaginaries that invite a more active participation in life, her work is comprised of drawing, sculpture, instructions, performance, and architecture to activate the physical imagination of viewer-participants.

During her Swing Space residency at Governors Island, Nowacek will be attempting a bridge-building project to harness and manifest the impossibility of walking on water and reclaiming the historical inheritance of Brooklyn’s shores.

Featured Image Photo Credit: courtesy of the artist