Mise-En-Scene Studios (M.E.S.S.) is a dynamic opera company defined by artistic and economic principles that are both innovative and reactive. M.E.S.S. cofounders, pianist Lachlan Glen and tenor Ben Bliss, have worked in several major opera houses across America and bring this perspective and talent to their shared vision. The duo is also anxious to capitalize on the current opera renaissance among younger generations, exhibited by sold out performances in Brooklyn warehouses and private lofts. After a year of consultation and development, M.E.S.S. is confident in taking the first steps down a carefully laid path to success and longevity. They build on a tiered patron membership platform, establishing the prestige and community of a social club within the context of a community opera company. Membership options and associated privileges cater to an extensive demographic cross-section, including students at local high schools and colleges, with programming that creates an immersive experience in an environment that is relaxed, yet exclusive.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Michael McQuilken