Michelle Weinberg is a New York and Miami-based artist and educator whose work lives in many platforms. While painting is the point of origin for all her projects, she produces art for interiors, architecture, and public spaces as vivid backdrops for human activity. The fictitious architectures in her work are populated with stylized forms, eccentric perspectives, flickering patterns and saturated pastel and hothouse hues. Responding to the sublime geometry underlying natural forms and to familiar details from the observable world, Weinberg’s virtual painting spaces overlap with actual physical space. Weinberg’s creative practice frequently collaborates with dance, theater, film and literary artists. She is an independent curator and writer on art.

A recipient of numerous awards, Weinberg has exhibited in galleries, museums and community spaces. She is an experienced educator/curriculum consultant to museums and non-profits. Working with young people, seniors and families is a vital part of her career, fully integrated into her artistic practice. Mentorship and career awareness for underserved teens is a special area of interest. Favoring a practical, hands-on approach, Weinberg has designed and implemented programs that emphasize fluency with craft and digital tools, frequently combining the handmade with the digital to produce highly creative hybrid media works with groups of all ages and abilities.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist