“…the show hangs in my mind’s eye now as a swagger, rough around the edges and wandering all over…a sprawling mess, like the Velvet Underground frenzy ‘Sister Ray’ that is distortion and repetition and improvisation and chaotic simultaneous riffs. Rhythms formed and dissipated.” – Brooklyn Rail, June 2010, Mary Love Hodges

Melinda Ring is engaged in an on-going experiment examining choreographic conventions and stripping away various things that usually support a performance. Recent works have been made through a highly collaborative process with the performers involving destabilization, de-familiarization, de-authoring, and transmission. When performing Ring’s work, the dancers are always connected – dancing together, but never in unison. She pushes the dancers and herself outside of their comfort zones to a place that is both precarious and free. In allowing herself the freedom to move between mediums, Ring follows threads within the dance-making process toward the creation of body-based pieces in other forms including installation, performance, video and drawing to generate a body of related work.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Paula Court