“a straightforward charm which captured more then a few hearts.” – Dance Europe, June 2004, Bruce Michelson

Mei-Yin Ng is a New York-based Chinese-born Malaysian award-winning choreographer. Her performance works reflect a multicultural identity that sits in-between east and west, classical, and cutting-edge. Ng’s training in Chinese dance and martial arts has influenced her way of incorporating hand-held props as expressive extensions of the body, now transposed into wearable surveillance cameras and body-mounted microphones that broadcast intimate and unusual physical details in real time. Taking the newest modes of communication to articulate the oldest form of storytelling, this approach translates into an evolving conversation between the body and technology. Ng founded MEI-BE WHATever, a mixed media dance company that investigates relationships between body and technology, often through international cultural exchanges. Ng conducts Chinese dance and Mandarin classes to English learners as well as children adopted from China and Chinese-American families to help them develop English literacy through dance education in the NYC public school system. Ng’s the Laurel Project and DELLTA (Developing English Language Literacy through the Arts) reconnects children with Chinese origins to their roots by combining dance and English learning.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist