MEI-BE WHATever / Mei-Yin Ng is a New York City-based dance ensemble fusing media technologies with contemporary movement. Exploring relationships between the body and technology, investigations culminate in the staging of multimedia events. Residencies and Awards include HERE Artist Residency Program, New York, NY (2012) and Best Dance Film at the Dance for the Camera Festival (2010). MEI-BE WHATever will be working on Lost Property Unit, a multimedia dance performance that explores the seduction, power, and limitations of contemporary technology through, or in the absence of, physical connection.

Director, Performer: Mei-Yin Ng
Choreographer: Mei-Yin Ng in collaboration with Kelly Buwalda and Cassandra Taylor
On Screen Performer: Mei-Yin Ng, Kelly Buwalda, Cassandra Taylor
Robotic/Media Designer: Sofy Yuditskaya and Eric Mika
Sound Designer: James Lo
Costume Consultant, Designer: Julija Frodina
Headpiece Designer: Ashra Bankauskaite and Mante Maskoliunaite “aka jewellery”

Additional funding for this project is provided by HERE Artist Residency Program.