“There is something to be said for the excitement of grand stages and sweeping spectacles. But there is a particular, more visceral thrill that comes from being in a tiny space. This thrill is heightened when these dancers are first-rate artists — the anticipation alone of close encounters creates its own buzz…Ms. Donohue is a compelling presence, and a fierce one.” – New York Times, 2012, Claudia LaRocco

Maura Nguyen Donohue and Zoe Rabinowitz is a New York-based dance duo that was formed in 2014 when Maura and Zoe met to work together on a commissioned piece.

Maura Nguyen Donohue is a choreographer, performer, artist, facilitator, and writer, who has worked across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Her work employs classical vocabularies and vernacular dance forms alongside interactive technologies, improvisational practices, music, theater and socio-political commentary to explore various intersections of the perceived body and the present moment.

Zoe Rabinowitz is a freelance dance artist with 12 years of professional performance and arts administration experience. She draws on classical, modern and West African dance, as well as improvisation and theater techniques.for her choreographic works. Her works explore human interaction and the embodiment of power, agency, gender, and the perpetuation of cultural norms.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Stephandela Heras