“Two stunning pieces that deal with humans’ search for connections, physical and psychic, to support them through life’s troubles.” – Providence Phoenix, July 23 2014, Johnette Rodriquez
Matthew Westerby is a New York-based performer, choreographer and dance educator from the UK. He is motivated as an artist to create works that foster community and forge links between and within populations, aiming to build creative projects that are accessible to all, both as participants and as audience. His choreographic approach is inclusive yet challenging by nature, asking each performer for unique contributions to the creative process, ensuring his work has the imprint of everyone involved.

Westerby has performed with Nai-Ni Chen, Risa Jaroslow, Dusan Tynek, Peter Kyle, Bronwen MacArthur, Sue Hogan, Jessica Gaynor, and Marla Hirokawa. His choreographic credits include the Hudson Guild Theatre Company, Brass City Ballet, Naugatuck Valley Community College, Covenant Ballet Theatre, Dancewave, and Evolve Dance Inc. Matthew Westerby Company was formed in 2008 with the focus of creating new works characterized by a pure movement aesthetic, a dedication to spatial design, and a unique movement style referencing his training in the UK. His process aims to reveal the unique abilities and experiences of each community in which he works. Wesberby’s works include Acropolic Project, Marcus Garvey Park, New York, NY (2016).

Matthew Westerby Company has been presented at Dixon Place, the DUMBO Dance Festival, the Wave Rising Series, Triskelion Arts, Dancewave, the College of Mount St. Vincent, Greenspace Blooms, Movement Research, Staten Island Modern Festival, the Great Friends Dance Festival, RI, the Hudson Guild Theatre, and DNA. Residences include Project Poetry Live! in partnership with Litchfield Performing Arts, and Far Brook School, NJ. The company has presented two New York seasons, at University Settlement (2011) and the Hudson Guild Theatre (2014). Westerby received a B.A. in Dance Theatre from the Laban Centre, London, UK.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Steven Wachel