“Mark Bolotin (Synarcade) is no doubt experimenting with technology and successfully integrates aspects of VJ-culture…What is quite unique however is that his style and concept opens it up to a different audience, who are not standard theatre audiences… It is incredibly accessible.”– Sydney Opera House, Virginia Hyam

Mark Bolotin is an award-winning multimedia artist who uses interactive technology to create provocative new hybrid works across film, sculpture, science, music and performance. His goal is to explore how digital technology can celebrate and challenge notions of human identity and mutation at the beginning of the 21st century. The unifying theme to Bolotin’s artistic practice is an interest in how cutting-edge and interactive technology can tell a provocatively new yet still very human story. Bolotin’s multimedia works include Build Your Own Being, commissioned by the Sydney Opera House and toured across Australia. It allows large audiences to come together and create their ideal human being then watch it come alive. He has also created numerous other award-winning multimedia works across the world, including in the US, Mali, Holland, Kenya, Australia and China. 

Featured Image Photo Credit: Nicola Bailey