Marisa Michelson is a multi award-winning writer of musical theatre, choral works and interdisciplinary music-based pieces. Michelson is the founder Marigold Vocal Ensemble. Her work draws on her primary interest in the natural language of the body in combination with influences from the folk, classical and musical theatre traditions. She is interested in the intersection of singing, ritual, meditation, community building, energy work, and the movement of bodies/voice through space, all within the context of virtuosic singing. Her artistic process is centered around a meditative practice in which she attempts to perceive the natural world clearly and directly, to express those perceptions as vocal gestures, and then to use those gestures as the seeds of musical compositions. With her Marigold Vocal Ensemble and lab, Marisa experiments with physical and imaginative exercises that use singing to unleash what is alive and spontaneous, borne out of a relaxed and flexible body and mind. She is interested in singing compositions as though they are improvisations, and improvising as spontaneous composition.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist