Marie Ponce is a New York-based artist who sparks conversation and dialogue with audiences and neighbors alike who feel unable to embrace their Native American heritage, due to media stereotypes and historic Native exclusion. Ponce excels in Native hoop dancing (a male-dominated style), and teams with master artist Louis Mofsie and craftsman Alan “Shooting Star” Brown to lead a residency for families in Harlem at the Lt Joseph P. Kennedy Center. Ponce’s workshops within the residency start lifesaving conversations about identity, fitness, and belonging through dance, music, drumming and crafts. Marie Ponce is dancer and singer with Heyna Second Sons Drum as well as a crafts-person, program developer, Lifetime Thunderbird member and founder of NECARTZ, now, Open Artist NYC. Ponce is also a teaching artist for LEAP, Phyllis Rose Dance, and Theater in Motion. Marie Ponce’s awards include 2016 NYFA Fellow in Choreography. Ponce is an NYU/Stella Adler and NEC Theatre professor


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist