“Cultural ambassadors: Erdoğdular, Makam New York bring Turkish music, dance to the Amp stage.” – The Chautauquan Daily, Aug. 14, 2013, Kelly Tunney

Makam New York, founded by internationally-renowned vocalist Ahmet Erdoğdular in 2007 and incorporated in 2011, is a New York-based arts organization. Makam New York serves to promote and educate the public on Ottoman Turkish music and arts. Ottoman heritage comes from a cosmopolitan and highly sophisticated multi-cultural society that developed a refined aesthetic in music, dance, architecture and visual arts. By revitalizing the Ottoman artistic lineage, Makam New York holds a vision of reclaiming Turkey’s place as a leading center of cosmopolitan contemporary culture. Makam New York presents a year-round calendar of concerts, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and podcasts that are innovative, educational, inspiring and entertaining.

Featured Image Photo Credit: April Renae