“I was completely swept away and in the end, I felt like maybe I don’t have to think ‘well, that’s just the way it is’. I felt instead like there is hope for change…This is fringe theatre at its best.” – newyorktheatre.com, August 16 2013, Richard Hinojosa


Magis Theatre Company is NYC based organization that works to offer theatre professionals, students, and teachers a comprehensive, regularly-scheduled, technical workout. Magis has developed a specific theatrical vocabulary that focuses on the connections between differing acting techniques, exploring in depth the essential theatricality they share. Performances by students and art professionals trained at the Magis have taken place at New York State Theatre Educators Association, The Educational Theatre Association, The Austrian Voice Institute, and the Voice Foundation. Magis Techniques have been shared at workshops at Fordham University, Boston College, Marquette University, Santa Clara University, Loyola University Chicago; Creighton University; and Kennedy Center’s Cultural Visitors Program; and abroad in Italy, Albania, Mexico, Cambodia and Guatemala.