Maeung Gyun You is a painter based in Busan City, Korea where he was born, raised and has lived most of his life. He began his artistic career as a sculptor, but currently spends most of his time making paintings and large-scale installation projects. Nature and human society are common themes in his work, and recently he has been using forest imagery, specifically from a forest in which he spends a lot of time walking and observing the natural palette.

He earned BFA from Busan University in Korea and MFA from Tama Art College in Tokyo.

His work has been shown at the National Museum of Modern Art, Toyko, Sonje Museum, Korea, Busan Museum, Korea, and many others.

During his stay on Governors Island, You will be developing the essential themes in his work—nature and human culture. He hopes to express his vision in two-dimensional works (paintings) and three-dimensional works (installations).


Image credit: courtesy of the artist